Months Of Planning Comes Together For Historic Trip

Meetings between world leaders can take months and sometimes years to plan. Such is the case with the upcoming Diplomatic Envoy.

President Trump will lead this overseas trip. Sources tell Nation One News that planning for this trip began before President Trump took office. The G7 Summit is the “anchor” of the trip.

Liberal Media is reporting this trip as if President Trump woke up one morning and decided to get out of the country for a while. As if he is seeking refuge from some kind of scandal.

The only real scandal in our country right now is the all out attack on a man that 60 million citizens voted for. Here are some of their articles:

USA Today:   With domestic troubles mounting, Trump embarks on first foreign trip

The Daily Beast:  Trump Flees D.C. ‘With Hunt’ for World Tour

CNN:  Besieged at home, Trump sets off for ‘do-or-die’ foreign trip

References to Nixon abound. None of these Liberal Media outlets acknowledge that this trip was been months in the making. The last stop in the 42nd G7 Summit, which is hard to reschedule when you consider that world leaders plan for the G7 years in advance.

President Trump is set to start in Saudi Arabia, moving on to Jerusalem, Rome, Brussels, and finally to Taormina which is in Sicily. Taormina is his last stop and the location of the G7 Summit.

History will be made on this trip because Donald Trump will be the FIRST sitting President to ever visit the Western Wall. Other Presidents have visited before and after their Presidency, but no sitting President has ever visited the wall while in office. This represents a powerful symbolic gesture to the people of Israel, something absent from the Obama Administration.

The Motto in the Liberal Media these days seems to be if at first, they don’t believe, Lie, LIE AGAIN. I hope you find the truth a breath of fresh air!


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The fake news is right. Trump is under attack from them and the rest of the anti American liberals, who want to take down America and turn us into a 3rd world hell hole. But, he isn’t running from them, he is just actually doing the job most of America voted him to do. They are just so used to Obama running away on vacations when he got in trouble from the real messes he made, leaving the fake news press to cover up for him. So they don’t know what to do about a real president who is actually… Read more »

The ultimate pay back for the Democrats and the media hacks would be for President Trump to implement as much of his agenda as he can and stop the Globalists in their tracks.

media is out of control….some how we need to shut them down

The impeachment won’t prevail, because need house and senate to approve, the republican is the majority, it won’t succeed, but this is a warning to Mr. Trump administration, if he don’t make more aggressive cleaning up the swamps, any thing might happen, just a remind to White House, when can we see the Benghazi incident , the sales of US percentcomment image comment image comment image comment image of Uranium to Russia, an US POW still in Taiwan and many others must proceed very soon I hope.

He’s only been president for 4 months and he has done more in that time than any other president in memory. Plus, he’s done that with the press, social media and a shadow government in the Admin, Justice and intelligence agencies and both sides of the Congress Obama left for him, being against him.

So, give the man a chance, be patient and have some faith in him, that despite of how it looks, he knows what he is doing. Remember, evil always appears to be winning, right before it loses.

the media just doesnt want trump to succede in any thing they just keep lying over n over again just like obama but wait they are obama cause they hate trump cause hes doing whats right for this country putting our laws back in order and making people obide by them unlike most of demos n libs an some repubs that have there on laws or they think

Thank you President Trump for sacrificing your time in fighting to save America from the lowly swamp rats that occupy the government where Liberals and the Democratic Party are trying to continue with the last administrations plans to dismantle this country.

Please continue your goal of draining the swamp since many believe the rats that infiltrated our government are lurking just below the surface of the water and we may discover that corruption abuse of power, lying, broken promises and the abandonment of “Oath of Office” goes right to the top of the last administration.

Thank you for the truth, it is a hard commodity to come by if you listen to the lame-stream-media. I think president Trump should reconsider the rights of the liberal media to be in the White House at all, it seems to me they have lost that right because of all the lies they tell.
Praying for our President, I hope his first trip out is peaceful and safe. I pray he gets the respect that he deserves.
Kindly, Elizabeth