Team Trump distances themselves from McMaster

On May 15 General McMaster, the current National Security Advisor to the Trump Administration gave a statement. In his statement, he disputed the accuracy of a Washington Post article that claims President Trump shared classified information with Russia. We reported on the dangerous report by the Washington Post and later updated it to include McMaster’s Statement.

On Tuesday, May 16, McMaster arrived for the daily press briefing accompanied by Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In the past, people like McMaster have given statement followed by Sean Spicer delivering the daily press briefing. Today was a day like no other.

McMaster started the press briefing with a statement about Trump’s travel plans to the Middle East. He then took questions. The Press relentlessly questioned McMaster about his statement from the day before.

As McMaster found himself overwhelmed you can see him glance over several times at Sarah and Sean with pure fear in his eyes. At one point during the interview, the expression on Sarah’s face told the whole story. They threw McMaster in the deep end with no intention of throwing him a line.

You can tell by Sarah’s body language she had no intention of rendering aid to the struggling and bumbling McMaster. There is no indication of why McMaster was thrown the wolves. What we do know is President Trump has a sink or swim mentality.

During the campaign, Trump fired several members of his campaign. The first was Roger Stone, followed by Corey Lewandowski. As the President he has fired several key people including Michael Flynn and FBI Director Comey, not to mention the entire senior leadership of the Department of Justice.

There is no way to know if Trump ordered McMaster to clean up his own mess, or if Sean and Sarah refuse to be a part of it. One thing is for sure, Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders seem to be the only people capable of holding a press conference without getting completely destroyed by the Press.

Sarah proved herself to be very rough around the edges when she appeared in Sean’s place last week, but she did not allow the Press to make things worse. McMaster not only confirmed several things said by Washington Post sources he also gave away details of the conversation between Trump and the Russians.

After following Trump for two years through the campaign into his Presidency I know one thing is almost certain. McMaster may not find himself speaking with the Press at the Whitehouse anytime soon, if ever again. He should probably update his resume very soon.


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Trump cannot do a press conference. He is weak when it comes to answering questions truthfully. So he gives no reasonable answer or says things that has nothing to do with the questions asked or blame others for his own shortcomings.

Mr. President is gradually build up his win win team very quick, he need the best and qualified people in his team to make America great.I trust him he will make his promise happen in short period of time, any lagging and bureaucratic bad habits will be removed at his pace asap.comment image comment image comment image comment image

I think we’re looking at and listening to the leaker.
Perhaps the General needs to begin thinking about career alternatives.

I disagree, I feel McMaster did a good job.

I watched McMasters Yesterday, I feel he did A good job with disclosing what information he could give to the vultures who where waiting for him to bog down on A Question! I don’t understand why they keep calling on the same vultures to ask Questions

People need to dig a little deeper and not just the surface. More to it! McMaster is the leak and is Deep State! Intelligence community who have been there for years are executing their agenda despite who gets elected!

who ever wrote this apparently did not listen to him…He conducted himself great….folks, do not give these people any power…they are going for blood with butter knives…buckle up it’s time to get serious and tell these folks fake news at the risk of throwing our country security away is not freedom of the press, it is wielding words as swords…at the risk of our security. That is Treason.

McMaster is the leak and is Deep State! Intelligence community who have been there for years are executing their agenda despite who gets elected!

Trump is making the rite decisions, and would get a lot more accomplished if not for people like Schumer, Pelosi, or the rest of the Dems who are pressured to hold to the resist dogma! And Liberal press isn’t helping the country! And! I’m not sure about this site of Nation 1 News?