Russian Fighter Jet Almost Hit A U.S Navy Aircraft.

Earlier this week, a Russian Fighter Jet came within 20 feet of a U.S Navy Plane. US Officials said the surveillance aircraft was flying above the Black Sea.

A representative from the U.S. Naval Forces in Europe, Capt. Pamela Kunze explained the Russian Su-27 approached the P-8A Poseidon while it was “conducting routine operations in international airspace.”

Russia held a Press Conference following the encounter.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense gave a statement on Friday. Saying the Russian Fighter was only doing a “greeting maneuver” to the US Navy aircraft. They defended the actions of their pilot. A US Navy spokesperson described the encounter as “unprofessional and dangerous.”

This is not the first encounter like this. In March 2017 a similar incident occurred between two Russian Fighter Jets and a US Navy ship. ABC reported the events. You can see from the video captured two months go how close these Russian aircraft were to the ship. The distance between the Surveillance plane and the Russian fighter was said to be about the same.

There has also been an uptick in the appearance of Russian Bombers just off the coast of Alaska. President Trump has been quiet on his actions or plans regarding Russia. President Trump and Press Secretary Sean Spicer have said many times that the President does not want to “project” his actions or “share his plans” citing the value of secrecy.

A weak and divided Nation

President Trump Tweeted only a few hours after the latest encounter with Russia. Some suggest he is blaming the Democrats for the recent escalation. The Democrats continue to put forward a narrative strongly implying that President Trump is colluding with Russia.

No Evidence

No evidence has been offered by the Mainstream Media, Democrats, or anyone else that prove collusion. Politically motivated inquiries by Congress and calls by Democrats for independent Counsel are heralded by Democrats and echoed by the Mainstream Media!

Tensions between Russia and the United States are at an all-time high and show no signed of calming down. Division within the United States is also at an all-time high. We can only wait and see if the Democrats can see beyond their defeat and do what is best for all Americans.

Republicans and Independents feel that President Trump has given the Democrats more than enough and they are calling for unity.

The chances of unification seem grim, considering the fact that the Mainstream Media continues their never ending assault on President Trump and the 60 Million people who voted for him. The only question that seems unanswered is this. Will the United States go to war with Russia, or itself?