Whitehouse Press Briefing Turns Into WWE Style Smackdown While Sean Spicer Is On Reservist Duty…

Sean Spicer is on reservist duty serving the United States Navy. He has a stand in, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is a little less polished than Sean Spicer. The Mainstream Media found her button.

Yesterday she talked about throwing “dynamite” into the Department of Justice. The only thing missing from today’s Press Conference was a ring, a bell, and mask to go with the wrestling uniforms!


Here is the Press Conference from the day before…


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The questions are like what would come out of a first year journal student! Why not ask what did they have for lunch before they fired Comey! They don’t ask significant questions it is high school gossip type paper reporting! Let’s cover the facts that Comey was part of the Clinton Clan served on her board of directors for the past 3 years. stopped investigations on the Clinton’s in the past time and time again. He has a family member that works for the Clinton’s and does their taxes! Talk about how Comey does not do the investigation they just… Read more »

After listening to the questions posed by the mainstream media posse or lynch mod ! The conclusion I come to is that its the same thing on the plains of the Sarengeti, watching the vultures setting or feeding on or fighting over a scrap of meat ! The press has degenerated into trying to make the news themselves instead of reporting it ! Walter Cronkite or Edward R Morrow, where are you ?????

These STUPID REPORTERS need to get a clue and stop repeating the Q- to see if they can get a diff- Answer ,,,,,,,,Can’t they ask something else … Hey shit heads Comey is gone get over it and didn’t the dems want him gone WTF


Godspeed America!

The media repeatedly ask the same questions? Shame on you you all hate the America people.
The President have the right to fired the people he want when you get this?

These people are like a pack of hungry wolves looking for something to pen on President Trump. They ignore all the other news that should be talked about and dwell on the old Russian interference nonsense. Why tell me that they have not led an investigation on Obama being a phony and a corrupt no good piece of garbage. Even a bird brain could find out he is a phony and has phony documents and should have never been elected President. This is why my confidence is lacking for the F.B.I. For 8 long years this foreigner was allowed to… Read more »

The relationship between Killary and Comey goes back quite a long way, and history tells us that crooks like Killary and her rapist husband make sure to have plenty of dirt on anybody that has the ability to effect there rape of America. Comey made it patently clear that while he was director of the FBI the Democrats were exempt form any investigations. Looking forward to the new director also having a much closer look at the Pizzagate investigations.

The media repeatedly ask the same questions everyday trying to trick Sean or Sarah to say something so John Roberts will go on air later on and have a smirk on his face like everything that was said is a joke. I don’t know why they even try to give the media messages everyday since they can’t seem to comprehend what has been said. Once a week would be sufficient since the media are only hearing what they want to hear and go back to their stations and most of the time turn around what has been reported. The media… Read more »
I thought that these reporters were college graduates, had been on the job for a number of years in order to obtain the credentials to be White House correspondents. I never heard repetitive questions like this while The last administration was in office , nor were they this frequent to the MSM and public. Getting tweets from the president is more satisfying, than listening to people without manners asking the same question over and over because they do not get it. How did they ever get out of school in order to get a job in the first place. If… Read more »


Reporters are stuck on STUPID!