Press Secretary’s Stand In Uses Colorful Words To Describe Comey! SNL Probably Won’t Care…

Sean Spicer is on reservist duty for at least the next week.

A stand-in took his place during the daily press briefing at the Whitehouse on May 10, 2017.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave a statement and then took questions. Answering a series of questions about former FBI Director James Comey she said:

…one of the big catalysts we saw was last week on Wednesday Director Comey made a pretty startling revelation that he had essentially┬átaken a stick of dynamite and thrown it into the Department of Justice…

I can only imagine how Saturday Night Live will portray Ms. Sanders in the next few days. Saturday Night Live seemed out of sync with current events. Only an hour before the Press Conference they release a Video targeting Sean Spicer.

It is as if SNL had no idea Sean Spicer would be meeting his obligations as a Military Reservist. It is unclear if Saturday Night Live will be using real dynamite or fake dynamite for their show coming up on Saturday, or if they will give Ms. Sanders a pass on this. So far, there has been no official word from Saturday Night Live, we are waiting for them to respond to our inquiry.

Finally, Trump chimed in the Comey discussion!

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Mr. Trump has made a clear decision, including the clean-up of the swamp, FBI is to be clean-up first, the election has been finished, and he still bring up the controversial incident, but the Benghazi incident, sold Russia Uranium,…many other important things he just blind his eyes, but Mr. Trump just can’t wait to tell him personally every thing, Mr Comey has to go.

I have never watched SNL and will never. There are better humor, better programs, than watching slurs that has no significance in politics or personage.

SNL? Never watched them until right now. Won’t waste my time doing that again! Just another liberal hate show.