Just in case you missed it, BREXIT has been APPROVED by the Queen of England (What a symbol of Democracy they have!)

Unlike our representative democratic Republic, England or Great Brittian as some call it is still a Monarch. The illusion of democracy is helpful to control the people. The reality is, nothing becomes law without the approval of the Queen.

NO it is not a formality, it is part of their constitution… YES, the Queen must approve everything!

In England they another word for “Approval”, instead of saying “Hey Y’all the Queen said we can do what we want to do” they say the Queen has given “Royal Assent”. The sad reality most people don’t realize that England is still a Monarch. They are far removed from the representative democracy of the United States.

For the subjects of the Queen of England and her many territoriesĀ such as Canada “Royal Assent” is still a thing. The Queen indeed has to approve new laws. The Royal family still have the ability to dictate the law.

As far as BREXIT goes, the people voted for it. Parlement agreed. Now the Queen has decided it’s Ok for BREXIT to move forward.

The next time a British person tries to talk about freedom just ask them if they have “Royal Assent” to discuss matters of foreign policy with an American Citizen. You might find it interesting that Subjects of England actually don’t have that authority. But what do I know, I am just a dumb 4th generation Texan-American from the Dillinger, Thomas, and Nottingham family lines…

The good news is, BREXIT is moving forward!

God Bless! God Bless America!!!

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