You heard it here first! Ben Carson met with a Russian…

The Mainstream Media just won’t stop digging for dirt on President Trump. Well, we discovered that none other than Ben Carson met with a Russian during the Campaign. Here we go again!

I wonder how long he will last after this. It’s only a matter of time before BuzzFeed get’s a hold of this. At least you heard it here first.

OY!  “Progressive”  Jews lament the victory of President Trump because, well.. Lets just say, they think everything is wrong with President Trump.  It appears they love the Muslim First Presidency of Obama, and the policies to embolden the Terrorists and ISIS.


Let’s see how many people take the advice of  THIS ARTICLE which is titled “Stop Panicking and Start Inviting Donald Trump Supporters to Your Next Shabbat Dinner”

What a concept. There you have it, ladies and gentleman, Ben Carson met with a Russian during the campaign. I wonder if CNN will hold an 8 hour breaking news alert?

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