So Called Artists Pretend to Shoot Trump and Blow Up the White House

All of the sudden it’s ok to pretend to shoot the President of the United States! At least that’s what “artist” Snoop Dogg would have you believe as per his latest music video. In this video the rapper Snoop Dogg take a gun and point it at the head of a clown dressed to look like President Trump

What’s even more ridiculous than the video made by Snoop Dogg is the idea that there are people out there would actually try and justify this type of behavior. Sure we have the freedom of speech but that doesn’t go as far as to threaten the life of the President or mock the idea of him being shot. Our freedom of speech doesn’t extend to the point at which anyone could threaten another person in such a manner. Had this been a video of a white rapper or artist of any form making such a gesture towards former president Obama we would have seen nothing but outrage from the left and it would have been justified. It’s just sad when those on the left play the selective outrage game and only get outraged over events that fit their demented, illogical narrative!

And this double standard from the left didn’t stop there. Just a couple of months ago we all watched the women’s march in Washington DC. At this self proclaimed rally another “artist” Madonna got up in front of the crowd and exclaimed that she has had thoughts of blowing up the White House!

The question is not whether or not this is art, the fact if the matter is that these acts are clearly designed to poke fun at the idea of killing the President of the United States. I don’t care which side of the isle your allegiances lie on, whether or not you like Obama or you hate Trump, people need to do away with the selective outrage and understand when alleged displays of “art” or freedom of speech cross the line!



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