Twitter reacts to Melania Trump, The Making of a First Lady…


Right away, we open with the experts feel sorry for her because she is married to a Bombastic Billionaire.  She is on her way to becoming a Global Icon, they acknowledge.  They say she always tuned heads in her home country of Slovenia. She grew up under Communist rule, and claim her father was in the Communist party. Her Mother was a hard worker.

Friends say she didn’t drink or stay up late- or enjoy being the center of attention. She enjoyed her craft and her big dreams.  Melania wanted to get into the bigger world.  She always loved fashion and modeling. In 1993 she played the first female President.

Melania moved to the US at the age of 24 to pursue modeling. She liked the culture in America.  Sept 1998 at 28, she met Donald Trump at a Fashion show. She later reported that she felt he had “Sparkle”.  The couple did break up for a little while in 2002 around the time Donald decided to run for office.

Melania tried to stay out of the lime light, except for her modeling career.  Once they got back together after their short breakup, they did not break up again. She appears in the movie in Zoolander.  There were brief and short appearances on Donald’s reality show.

The couple wed in 2005. She was on the cover of Vouge Magazine in her wedding gown and the couple was on Larry King. She was the Bride of the year in  a popular Aflac Commerical.  And soon Barron was born. There was a celebrated photo shoot in People Magazine. And Melania loved being a mother.  Melania got her citizenship soon after Barron was born.  The media had a love affair with everything Donald and Melania Trump.  They were celebrated and admired.   Her Biographer says that Melania is great for Donald, “Because she is playful and not afraid of him”.

YET- On the left, they hate her.. 


Perhaps because her husband wanted to be President, on the heels one of their idols.  Donald enters the President race, with Melania’s blessing. The author of, The Trump About Trump,  says that Melania was reluctant to campaign.  Refocusing on Melania’s speech that appeared to be plagiarized from Michelle’s Obama’s speeches.   And that is when the nude photos surfaced.  The campaign had started against her.  Her Immigration status was called into question. She tweeted her defense.  Then attention on her college degree. Then again an anti-Trump super pack PRO-Ted Cruz ad, mocking her for her Glamor “Bond Girl” shots.

On twitter the Response to the program is interesting:


Then the response to the undercover video , where Donald was joking with a friend . Melania was brave enough to defend her husband. Then recall the Pussy Bow at the Debate. The Question remains, did she do it on purpose?

There were accusations of forcible kissing by numerous women. There were reports and retractions and lawsuits.  Melania then came out so strongly for American and for Donald Trump.



Melania wears what high fashion media call “Labels of Achievement”.   She likes to shop online with a unique style.  The FashionIndustryy says that is because she has a “Conflicted” relationship with the Fashion world.  For example, she wore a sweater by a designer Derrek Lamb,  who refused to dress her,  “Because she could afford to buy it”.

She has a classic style. And her forcus is her face and hair, Canessa Friedman says.  Even though she is not “Trumpian”, n Canessa’a opinion.   Melainia helped design the dress she wore to the Inauguration.  She is a “Throphy.”. One designer says she is the Mona Lisa of first Ladies.


 But not to the Leftist Establishment Media:

The reports are that Mrs. Trump dazzled the crowds.  Yet she did not move to the White House.  And now the discussion on Melania’s White House schedule.  Although Melania has hired staff and made arrangements to have the East Wing decorated, the number of days Melania spends at the White House is a source of mockery for the left.   Another topic that the left attacks Melaina on is her choice of social campaigns , Cyber Bullying.

Toward the end of the show, the interviews turn to digs at Melania for being very private. Overall the show was mostly positive, showing our first lady as strong, independent, beautiful and graceful. There were a few digs at her husband.  There were no new interviews of Mrs. Trump.

We can see already that Melania will be loved by everyone except for those on the left who just hate President Trump’s platform of Free Enterprise and Freedom.  


AND just in time, of course- there is a poll! 



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