Is the news about 500 jobs coming from Samsung FAKE NEWS? You decide…

Everyone is starved for good news about President Trump. Over the last two years, the Incumbent Media has bashed, insulted, and lied about Donald Trump. All of sudden, good news breaks from Incumbent Media and some people are inclined to believe it.

Social Media is silent with Twitter and Facebook throttling Pro-Trump bloggers. Facebook is charging forward in their censorship by saying they are targeting “fake news”. Many small Pro-Trump bloggers are out of business as Facebook insists they aren’t targeting Trump supporters.

SO, here we are, all of sudden, good news breaks and Facebook trends Samsung?


The truth is, the news is not as good as it sounds and it comes from another “source” quote, unquote!. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Samsung intends to invest 300 million dollars into plants in the United States. Samsung has no press release to that effect.

We contacted Samsung’s Public relations department and received the following statement from a Samsung Spokesperson.

“Samsung is in preliminary discussions related to opening a new manufacturing facility in the U.S. for home appliances. Samsung began reviewing manufacturing operations early last fall to ensure that the company is able to best serve our customers with innovative products as we have done with our $17 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. However, this is a complex process that, like all strategic business decisions, will not be made final until it is determined through proper due diligence and planning that it is the best option for Samsung.”

We were told they would be making no further comment on the matter. I covered the sender’s name at their request. The individual is part of a team and I was instructed to attribute the quote to “Samsung Spokesperson” as per the email I received.

After reading the statement I think all the hype about Samsung creating 500 jobs, and investing 300 million dollars seems a lot less inspiring. Now I think it is very suspicious, indeed. What happens if Samsung doesn’t invest 300 million dollars? What happens if they don’t create those jobs?

People will be disappointed… An outcome that would benefit everyone targeting President Trump! Consume your Media wisely folks, Fake News is everywhere! It’s like President Trump said at his CPAC speech:

…Fake News is cunning…

You didn’t see any Tweets from Trump about this, did ya?

Of course, I would love to see Samsung invest and create jobs, but that remains to be seen… Special Thanks to the Samsung Spokesperson who responded, unlike the Wall Street Journal.

By the way, I am bit biased. I have used Samsung for a decade, I love my Galaxy Note 5, my children love their Galaxy 7s too. I would love to see my favorite Smart Phone Manufacturer creating jobs in my country! 😉 BUT, it sounds like President Trump has some negotiating to do.

Please share this so everyone knows the truth behind the Wall Street Journal’s propaganda… I will keep saying that until the Wall Street Journal reveals their “source”!