Look out St. Patrick, March was just declared National Freckle Month …almost

Everyone was laser focused on the first one hundred days of our country’s new Executive administration when something historic happened. The United States of America has been around for over two hundred years. It all started 26 years ago and still rarely gets much attention.

It wasn’t until 1991 that the United States recognized the month of March as Irish-American Heritage month. Contrary to the buzz being spoon-fed to everyone on the internet, this is not the first year. The sitting President has repeated the declaration every year since 1991.


If you have freckles, very fair skin, red hair, hazel eyes, or a fiery temper there is a good chance you have a little Irish in your past. Irish genes run plenty in the United States, even former President Barack Hussein is an Irish-American. It’s amazing how the United States has become as much a “melting pot” as it has a “salad bowl”.

Irish-Americans have a unique heritage that is shared with African-Americans. Irish-Americans in many cases have slavery in their past. Records were tampered with, way back when, by those Irish-American families to hide it, but history, genetics, and demographics don’t lie.


We often get caught up with the idea that only African-Americans were slaves. The truth is, back in the seventeenth century and the early eighteenth century Irish-Americans were worth less than African-Americans as slaves. In many documented cases slave owners bred Irish women with African men to create fair-skinned slaves to work inside as servants.

African-Americans could work longer hours, carry heavier loads, and bear the heat better than their fair-skinned Irish-American counterparts. While African-American slaves were more useful for utility purposes they carried an unfavorable smell that the “Noble” English, French, and Spanish slave owners didn’t like. Slave owners wanted their homes to be pleasant.

The Indoor Servant

That is why slave owners bred Irish-American women with African-American men, among other less moral purposes. I am not saying slavery is in any way moral, but I think you get the idea when I say “less moral”. Slavery has impacted all races at one time in history or another, except for a small class of “Nobles” and “Royals” from Europe, something we would all be wise to remember.

Ever wonder why some African-Americans have freckles? Now you know. And yes, some lighter skinned African-Americans have visible freckles. Irish-Americans suffer from sickle cell anemia, albeit rarely and mildly, at higher rates than their other “white” American counterparts.

So, Happy Irish-American month! God Bless!! God Bless America!!!

We wouldn’t be who we are today without our sorted history. There is not shame in history, only lessons to learn. If we are smart we study the past we might not be doomed to repeat history.


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