Up 346% since Snowflakes Cried…

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You know it is Ivanka Trump Clothing Line!

According to the Hill, the Left is great at marketing and selling Ivanka Trump products! Who knew?  Perhaps they should ask her for some jobs, and then they can afford gas money for their next protest or bail fund.  She has made enough to hire more employees!

Meanwhile, Conservative and Libertarian women are going to be looking more gorgeous.

Since the beginning of February, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line sales are up a lot!  Almost as if Americans are telling the left to shut up and go away and stay away from our sexy shoes.

Ivanka brand clothing and accessories have now become a symbol of a beautiful Counter Culture Couture.

The Peeved Beavers are gonna be so pissed.


  1. Wow you are a cruel one Sweeney. So full of hate you dont talk about the right woman and you r so full of vile. What are you a 600 lb loser w nothing better to do than puke up words to hurt others.?
    Ivanka is not the FLOTUS
    And when ppl say things like STUPID to complete strangers
    Like you just did, it
    Means they themselves are the STUPID one.
    You are a very HATEFUL PERSON..HATEFUL!