While Trump is destroying Obama’s legacy, Hollywood tried to do this SICK thing to Trump’s legacy!

Arnold blames Trump and quits "The Apprentice".

Instead of saying, “YOU’RE TERMINATED!”, next season on NBC, Arnold Schwarzenegger has told NBC, “I QUIT!”.

“THE APPRENTICE” has been on the air for 15 years! Trump is embarrassed the show has gone so far down hill since he left to run for the presidency.

With Donald Trump, in the show’s FIRST YEAR, “The Apprentice” had a whopping 20,000,000 viewers! That is TWENTY MILLION PER WEEK!

This past year with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the show’s rating’s fell to about 5,000,000!

But the former Terminator actor is somehow blaming Trump!

“With Trump being involved in the show people have a bad taste and don’t want to participate as a spectator or as a sponsor or in any other way support the show,” Schwarzenegger said. “It’s a very divisive period now and I think this show got caught up in all that division.”

Fail then blame Trump? Sound familiar?

It makes you wonder if the Globalist Hollywood Executives put the failed governor of California in the Apprentice just to tarnish Donald Trump’s legacy! It won’t matter! President Trump’s legacy will be so much better than his years building the Apprentice!

Once again the Global Elite only hurt themselves and made President Donald Trump stronger. The show was TERMINATED and they just proved there was only ONE MAN good enough for the Apprentice. That man was Donald J. Trump!

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