[BREAKING] FakeNewsChecker.com EXPOSED AS FAKE NEWS!!! You will never believe who is paying for it!

Have you seen the new website? It’s called Fake News Checker. Or, fakenewschecker.com The site is a complete sham!

An exhaustive investigation has revealed the true owners of the site. These Liberal Hillary Clinton Supporters are attempting to use the website to smear the good name of some websites and News Organizations. They have lumped reputable News Sources like ours, Breitbart, World Net Daily and others together.

They do no research on their subjects. The only qualification to be listed is to publish an article that seems to support Donald Trump. These Hillary Clinton operative have deep connections to the Hillary Clinton campaign and another HUGE name!

We have also confirmed that the site is funded by none other than… ¬†… wait for itGEORGE SOROS! That’s right folks! George Soros is funding this little gang of nerds running the Fake – Fake News Site! The real Fake is the site itself.

They are run by a left-wing anarchist group called KHOOP-Consortium! This group is also responsible for attempting to hack several Pro-Trump websites, we are told. We have extensive information from our sources which indicates there is an ongoing effort to deface and attack Pro-Donald Trump News outlets!

Don’t worry this little group will never come from behind the curtain to reveal themselves! Everyone would know the truth! For NOW, all we know is the site FakeNewschecker.com is a complete FAKE!

Their Domain Name is registered using an anonymous service. They use a cloud-based service to protect the true identity of their hosting company. BUT, we do know that the site is registered with 1and1.com. We have sent an email to [email protected] demanding the site be taken down because the site is designed to engage in systematic defamation of otherwise reputable News Organizations!

We have sources which confirm that the website fakenewschecker.com is fully funded and operated by Hillary Clinton sympathizers. We have a separate source which confirms this site is funded by George Soros. We will be releasing more information in the coming days as we expose this organization using information we obtained from an insider with access to their sensitive information! That is what REAL NEWS DOES!!!

Stay tuned for more updates. Legal Action against these INTERNET THUGS is about to start!

NOTICE!!! I only Write on nationonenews.com semperfinews.com tdillingham.com I have also contributed a handful of articles to tdnewswire.com and unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com IF YOU SEE MY ARTICLES ON ANY OTHER SITES THOSE SITES HAVE STOLEN MY WORK THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!! Thomas Dillingham is a Senior Partner of Nation One Holdings, Inc. He founded Nation One Hosting, formerly Aggressive Virtual. He has over ten years of writing in blogs and other media outlets. A Technology professional of over twenty years, Thomas has championed the cause of getting everyone online. His most famous quote "Why should the Liberals be the only people who are heard?"