[VIDEO] High School Takes Mannequin Challenge to new extreme, raises the bar.

If you haven’t heard there is a “challenge” going around these days. You may remember planking where a person would try to look like a board on top of some object. This challenge requires more than a single person with strong abs.

It reminds me of an extreme version of the “quiet game”. This High School just raised the bar on this challenge. I have to admit, this will be a fun challenge to watch over the next few weeks! This might just get interesting.

A High School in North Richland Hills, Texas, took the Mannequin Challenge to a whole new level today. It seems they had a Pep-Rally. The entire gymnasium full of students participated in the Mannequin Challenge. The Official Richland High School YouTube Account shared a video.

No, this video below is not computer generated graphics. This is an entire High School, over 1000 young adults standing still and silent. That is about as extreme as it gets.

About the only thing that could beat this is Jerry Jones getting his fans to participate in this challenge at a Cowboys Game!  —Where you at Jerry Jones – Dallas Cowboys?!?

If you have any doubts about how EXTREME this really is, just ask any High School teacher how difficult it is to get a room full of High School students to be quite. This is just about a Extreme as it gets…

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