Wikileaks Website is hosted in RUSSIA! …as of TODAY!

A strange thing happened today. The DNS records for the Wikileaks site were updated.

DNS is the service that takes the name of a website such as “” and translates it to an IP Address. When you connected to a website your computer automatically looks up the IP Address of the website using the name you provide.

Two addresses were added to the list of IP Addresses today. Both of those Addresses are located in Russia! This is not a JOKE! When you go to, you are connecting to a server that is in The Netherlands, Norway, or Russia. Until today did not use a Russian IP Address.

Things continue to get more strange with Wikileaks since Julian Assange’s Internet Connection was allegedly cut by the government of Ecuador.

There is still no proof that Julian Assange is in the Embassy and now the website is going to web servers located in Russia, in addition to the Netherlands and Norway.

A Director of the Wikileaks Board also died today. No one is saying why. Things just keep getting more and more strange…

Something is seriously up with Wikileaks. As much as I hate to admit it, Russia may be in control of Wikileaks. It is a well-known fact that Russia is tired of the Globalists and their agenda. It may be true that Russia is trying to keep Hillary Clinton out of office. This development with certainly raises some serious questions about the credibility of Wikileaks!



Has Julian Assange turned Wikileaks over to Russia, was that what “appropriate contingency plans” means?

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, we just report the news…


  1. Most large websites have “mirrors” distributed around the world for better response in far locales. Check Google’s DNS – I bet they have servers in Russia too.

  2. Hillary will try to murder Assange. He is too smart for her. He should lay low until the Election is over. He is the America life saver. Thank you for all you have done for the American People. We love you Assange.


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