This Texas County Commissioner GOES OFF on SOCIAL MEDIA!

It is no secret that the current Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, has been formally indicted and a Special Prosecutor is being paid. It is widely accepted by an overwhelming number of Texans that his prosecution is a politically motivated attack. Of course, not everyone agrees, and the prosecution goes on.

But who is paying for this prosecution? It turns out the citizens of Collin County Texas are paying for it. This County Commissioner is fed up! In his recent Social Media Post, Chris Hill County Commissioner of Precinct 3, Collin County, is introducing a resolution to stop the County from being forced to pay for the prosecution.

The crimes allegedly committed by Ken Paxton are alleged crimes against the State of Texas. It seems odd to many Texans that Collin County should be paying for the prosecution alone. After all, Texas has 254 Counties.  There are many serious questions about the prosecution itself. Including alleged unethical conduct by the Special prosecutor. Alleged misconduct by a judge, and several other allegations. Chris Hill calls some of them out in his post.

The upcoming County Commissioner meeting might be more entertaining than a trip to a UFC Championship. We will keep you informed. Texans don’t like it when the Government wastes their Tax money. There is no telling how many Texans will try to cram themselves into that meeting.


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