State Department will ALLOW RUSSIA to OVERSEE Presidential Election!?!

Our rights have been peddled away by our representatives in Treaties before but Elections?

Yes, Elections. In a strange exchange between the United States Department of State and apparently Russia. The State Department said Russia could oversee the Presidential Election. It sounds crazy but it is true.

There has been increasing calls for our election to be monitored by Trump supporters. Those calls have turned into action with the Donald Trump campaign forming election oversight teams throughout the United States. While Hillary Clinton seems content to stand back and watch the election from afar.

Apparently, the United States entered into an International Treaty that allows any member country to observe an election. The OSCE allows all member countries to observe election of any other member country. The observance of something amounts to oversight, in fact, to oversee something it to observe something. While the Treaty gives them no power to do anything, these member countries can be present in an observation capacity and observe the whole election.

Since when does the United States need or allow foreign governments to oversee our internal affairs?

State Department spokesman John Kirby reportedly said: “there is no policy to refuse Russian observers.” He went on to say the agreement with the OSCE agreement is clear and allows member countries to observe other member countries’ elections.  Officials in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Alabama all said they received requests from Russian authorities in August and September. All of the states turned down these requests.





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