[BREAKING] Another name on the Wikileaks bodycount or just a man advanced in years passing on? Gavin MacFadyen is DEAD.

76-year-old Gavin MacFadyen is reportedly dead. The circumstances of his death are not yet clear. We have the uncertainty of who controls Wikileaks, and now Gavin MacFadyen has mysteriously died.

A recent series of events calls into question the credibility of WikiLeaks. Julian Assange has lost access to the Internet, and everyone is wondering who is in control of Wikileaks. The first person that some might think of would be Gavin MacFadyen. He was a Director and board member of Wikileaks.

The Mystery Continues…

The mystery behind Wikileaks in the wake of the United States Presidential election has lead to a lot speculation about this new development. The Wikileaks Twitter account Tweeted a tribute to Gavin MacFadyen. We are unable to confirm that Wikileaks still controls their Twitter account which only adds to the mystery. We wrote about this earlier today.

We will see in the coming days if more people die.

There have been several Tweets of interest:

His wife wrote a touching tribute to an amazing journalist. That tribute did not mention how this Wikileaks Icon died. There is no mention of Wikileaks in the obituary she wrote, this is causing some people to wonder why.

The original website post was not reachable when we wrote this article. However, we found a reprint on Google Groups Here:


The Original Article or source of the above post is here, the site is likely overloaded because Wikileaks Tweeted this link:


It remains to be seen if Gavin MacFayden is yet another name to add to the list of names. The list of mysterious deaths connected to Wikileaks. We will keep you informed and update this article as more information is made available.




  1. A lot of wet ops occurring in 2016, to a small group of closely associated Press and media, all due to Clinton Foundation leaks? Strong correlation here!


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