10/22/2016 – The FACTS PROVE Julian Assange MUST be dead or in custody! A Government is in control of Wikileaks! PROVE US WRONG!!!

UPDATED: 10/27/2016 Wikileaks Founder is Alive Article is here

Everyone remembers the articles written shortly after the Internet connection to Julian Assange was allegedly cut by the Ecuadorian government. Theories of a Dead Man Switch ran wild; other questionable stories said he was in custody, and finally, some stories even claimed he was dead. We published several articles about Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and those alleged events which occurred during that time.

It has been nearly a week since Julian Assange’s Internet was allegedly cut. To date, no PROOF has been provided that Julian Assange is still in the Embassy of Ecuador. No proof has been given that Wikileaks has not been taken over by a State Actor.

Sure we have seen Tweets and Wikileaks releases on social media. The problem is those Tweets are not characteristic of Wikileaks. The Tweets are not what we have seen from Wikileaks in the past. We have a theory:

We cannot prove our theory because Wikileaks nor the authorities are talking. We will present the theory, to you, so you can decide for yourself. We will present the evidence fact by fact and then explain our theory.

Here are the Facts:

Julian Assange has not been seen nor heard from since his Internet Connection was allegedly cut by the government of Ecuador. PLEASE PROVE US WRONG!

Wikileaks announced that they had “activated the appropriate contingency plans.”

The government of Ecuador has admitted they cut his internet and confirmed their grant of Asylum to Julian Assange, but they did not say he was still at the Embassy.

This is a link to the paper in Ecuador who published one of the earliest articles on this. It is Spanish.

The Government of Ecuador has since refused to comment on the status of Julian Assange.The Government of Ecuador will NOT confirm that Julian Assange is still at the Embassy.

There has been NO PROOF OF LIFE since an alleged raid on the Ecuadorian Embassy. The Alleged raid took only 5 minutes. This alleged raid came from a source which has been historically reliable. Due to his claim, he has been ostracized by the community, BUT no one has proven that his claims are false.

Also, this Reddit user was very active for months prior to his post stating there was a raid. He has not posted since the post about the alleged raid. Where is the Reddit user who claimed the raid occurred?

Here are links of the comments made alleging the raid occurred.

Here is another thread confirming that Ecuador will not confirm that Julian Assange is in the Embassy.

Assange cut off from outside world by state actor. Wikileaks activates contingencies. DEVELOPING Assange Situation MEGATHREAD from The_Donald



Our Theory:

Until someone steps forward on behalf of Wikileaks and confirms they are in control of Wikileaks everyone must be VERY cautious. Wikileaks could be under the control of a Government. There is NO PROOF OTHERWISE. The facts strongly suggest Julian Assange is in custody, dead or not in control of Wikileaks. If Julian Assange is not in control, who is? If Julian is not allowed to connect to the Internet he is in fact In Custody of the Government of Ecuador!

That proof of life picture Tweeted means nothing. It could have been taken months ago furthermore it was published before the alleged raid. 

Until the Reddit user who claimed the raid occurred steps up and admits he was lying, or Julian Assange steps out on that balcony, or someone steps up and admits they are running Wikileaks, we CANNOT TRUST WIKILEAKS!

Julian Assange is no longer running Wikileaks, THAT IS A FACT!!!

Just because the Wikileaks Twitter Account says he is alive doesn’t mean it is true. He is absolutely out of play, SO who is in control of Wikileaks?

There were also reports of 14 other Wikileaks members who lost internet access, those reports have since been deleted.

This article has a title that end with “Prove us Wrong” because we need REAL PROOF that Wikileaks is still Wikileaks and not UK-Leaks, or ECUADORO-Leaks, or USA-Leaks… Until proof that Julian Assange is in charge, or someone else steps up and admits they are running Wikileaks, Wikileaks has no credibility and should NOT BE TRUSTED.

Finally and most important! If Julian Assange cannot get on the Internet, then who is updating the Twitter Account, can we really truth those updates?


  1. I&7281#;m happy to read your blog. I’m so alone in a full house. I’m in my 20th year of chronic pain. 7th of pain clinic . I have little mobility. But every point above is spot on . So much so I’m crying . Where did my life go ? Who am I ? I want to be , wife , mother , church goer , lover , friend etc. I’m just lost . Thank you for at least a start . I will attemp to find me in all this wreckage that is my life .


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