Teacher goes OLD SCHOOL on 10-year-old student, and cleans his ‘alleged’ dirty mouth – Police Say No Crime Committed

A 10-year-old was involved in an alleged argument with another student at the Camp Curtin Academy in Harrisburg, PA on October 13, 2106. That argument apparently resulted in the boy getting his mouth wash out with soap.

Ciara White and her son, Donald Thomas spoke with a local news station regarding the allegations. Local police investigated the event and determined that no crime has been committed.

The world is changing, and teacher live under a cloud of scrutiny for their actions in the classroom.

We contacted the Police Department for comment. We were told: “this incident does not amount to a crime, please contact the school for more information, our investigation is closed.” We contacted the school and they refused to comment citing student privacy.

The mother of the boy was reported as saying:

“So many questions, first of all, why would a teacher do that?” said Donald’s mom. “What kind of soap? I mean I just don’t understand why a teacher would do that.”

I don’t know about you, but I know some people who tasted a good bar soap growing up, sure helps remind a few people to keep their mouths clean. We do not advocate child abuse; certain precautions should be taken using this kind of discipline, such as making sure the soap is not harmful and just tastes good and nasty 😉

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