Here is what you missed about Julian Assange and Wikileaks- We cannot confirm they are still in control of their Social Media Accounts – Read and Share before it is taken down!

UPDATED: 10/27/2016 Wikileaks Founder is Alive Article is here

NOTICE: This is a developing story, it is being actively updated as information comes available. Please check back for updates. Last Updated 7:19AM 10/19/2016 GMT (1:19 AM Eastern US 10/19/2016)

New Story regarding the credibility of Wikileaks is here, The evidence no longer supports that Wikileaks is under the control of Julian Assange and not a Government. WE NEED PROOF===>

UPDATE: 4:46AM GMT 10/19/2016 (12:46AM EST US) Wikileaks has not addressed the Court Decision ending Julian Assange’s Appeal against his Warrant in Sweden.

No proof of life given since the claim of a raid on the Embassy.

Despite phone calls, direct email inquiries, and Tweets, Wikileaks cannot confirm control of their Social Media Accounts.

Only these tweets:

It seems there is some weird twist and either Assange believes someone is trying to label him a Pedophile, OR this account is now under the control of a State Actor.  Are these even Wikileaks sending these Tweets?  We cannot confirm it and Julian Assange is still nowhere to be found. We are actively seeking updates from any reliable and credible sources.

In addition, it is still unknown if Julian Assange is at the Ecuadorian Embassy or if a State Agency is now controlling the Wikileaks accounts.  Still waiting for proof of life and proof of control of their Social Media Accounts.  Beware, Julian Assange may no longer control these social media accounts.


UPDATE: 4:24AM GMT 10/18/2016 (12:24AM EST US) New Article was collated with the results of this breaking news Article Here. Wikileaks has not addressed the Court Decision ending Julian Assange’s Appeal against his Warrant in Sweden. No proof of life given since the claim of a raid on the Embassy. Only this tweet.

Wikileaks claims the media has a lot of misinformation, Embassy will not confirm he is at the Embassy, Leaks were delayed throughout the day.

UPDATE 4:54PM GMT (12:54PM EST) Information circulating that suggests there are more members of @Wikileaks impacted. Not just Assange at the Embassy. Wikileaks has someone still posting regardless.

UPDATE 3:59PM GMT (11:59AM EST) It appears Wikileaks has signalled all operatives to take measures to protect themselves. Guccifer 2.0 has indicated he is ready for the next release. Looks like Podesta 10 is still coming, but possibly just late.

Also developing story, RT Media’s Bank Accounts Closed in the UK (Suspected close ties to Wikileaks? or Propaganda we don’t know, will start new article on that story soon.)

UPDATE 3:35PM GMT (11:35AM EST): Wikileaks has missed its own deadline to post next release of Podesta Emails. London Police still refuse to comment, Embassy still refuses to confirm if Julian Assange is on the property. Wikileaks Communications channels are completely silent. Wikileaks Website is still intermittent, reason unknown.

UPDATE 2:44PM GMT (10:44PM EST): Associated Press reports Embassy refuses to confirm Assange is still on the property. Local London Police refuse to comment.

From time to time Wikileaks creates what are called “Insurance Files”. These files are released into the wild using a Torrent. A Torrent is a distributed file sharing technology that allows the downloader to become the host. It is a way to get data out without sending it from a central source. It is impossible for any government to stop a Torrent without severely restricting every citizen in the effort.

Historic Event

Through the entire history of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has never released the keys to decrypt an Insurance file, until now. As the community wonders what Wikileaks means by its posts, information warriors have already decrypted and analyzed portions of the 88GB Insurance File. Folks! Based on our early analysis, John Kerry is likely going to prison.

About eight hours before this article was written Wikileaks released three separate keys for an Insurance File. It is believed by the community of Wikileaks insiders that this was the result of a “Dead Man Switch”. This is an action that Julian Assange must take periodically to prevent an automatic tweet which releases information.  We have no information to substantiate these rumors.

This means that not only is Wikileaks releasing a portion of the 88 Gigabytes of data, they are releasing it without placing it on their website. Wikileaks called the Tweets “pre-commitments”. It is interesting that the three “pre-commitment” keys released are concerning the UK, Ecuador, and John Kerry. All of which are parties involved in Julian Assange’s current situation at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

The following phone call was recorded two hours before the reports of a possible raid on the Embassy. The person who shared it has restricted the ability to share it here is the link.

Reddit has created a Mega Thread regarding these claims, which occurred AFTER the Julian Assange proof of life video.


This was about an hour after a news article was published in Ecuador. That article stated that Julian Assange’s appeal had failed and an Arrest Warrant would not be removed. Article is in Spanish

No English based news agencies have reported on the most recent development related to the Swedish Arrest Warrant.

Roger Stone Tweeted a few minutes later after the above Tweet was posted.

This could be related to negotiations between those parties and the freedom on Julian Assange. Also, John Kerry recently threatened Ecuador if they did not silence Assange. It appears there is something more going on, but currently, no one is talking.

We are analyzing the keys provided in the Tweets against the Insurance Files. As we know more we will make as much information about this as we can available, without jeopardizing anyone’s safety.



Just under an hour before this article was written Wikileaks tweeted:

We are not sure if this is related to the keys for the Insurance Files or not. We will update you as soon as we know more.


Normally we would link to the Tweets, however, due to the nature of the current situation we have provided images of those Tweets.

We can only confirm that Julian Assange has only been disconnected from the Internet.

Finally, our technical experts have asked us to add a clarification. There are a lot of people claiming that these are not keys, but instead only the hash of the plain text. They clearly do not understand Encryption. A hash is used to validate the authenticity of the sender against the sender’s public key in a PKI infrastructure.

These files were not encrypted using PKI, they were encrypted using multi-key overlays, with multiple keys per file section. In other words, these Hex Keys decrypt the portion of the files that include information about the subject mentioned in the Tweets.

Youtube Video showing caller attempting to determine if Assange is still at the Embassy and if he is still alive:I am sorry I can’t talk about that.” was the response he received.

If this website or this post disappears, without an explanation from us, you will know that we were forced to take it down by authorities.


  1. The ultimate goal is a one world government.. Thank you Mr. Assange for helping us here in the US, know what our government is doing behind our backs and sometimes right in front of us. You are a hero in my book. I don’t care what anyone says.. God bless you and protect you..

  2. I think The Atlantic has something cogent to say about the supposed “dump” being advertised by this article and what it says about Clinton: “Unlike her opponents in 2016, Clinton isn’t promising a revolution, or to upend the system, or even really to change politics. She’s just pledging to do it better. People might understandably be alarmed to read emails that the U.S. intelligence community believes were hacked by Russians to influence the election. Many of them might be discouraged to see, as Clinton herself acknowledged in a paid speech, ‘the sausage being made.’ But on the whole, they shouldn’t be surprised by what’s in them. Though anti-Clintonites on the right and left may find their suspicions about Clinton confirmed, there’s nothing in the emails that would provide them new lines of criticism—or provide new sources of worry to her allies.” Ron, the emails really aren’t that alarming in my view. Like The Atlantic says it shows a politican being political. It doesn’t introduce any new lines of critique of Hillary Clinton. If you’re a Bernie supporter, you’re going to find it damning of her; if you’re a Trump supporter you’re going to find it treasonous of her; and if you’re a Clinton supporter you’re going to see political pragmatism at its best (or worst depending on your stomach for sausage making). In short, it’s more of the same, and it’s mostly hot air designed to stir everyone up so that we have forum exchanges like this when we should be working at our desks. Just sayin’.

  3. Two points.
    The equatorial embassy still has is police guard outside this afternoon at 16.51pm GMT with no unusual activity.
    The letter received and displayed by RT is the standard letter sent by the Natwest bank to individuals or companies that have continually and habitually breached the terms and conditions of their accounts. Normally by unauthorised overdrafts or bouncing cheques and direct debits. As a volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau, a UK financial and rights organisation, I’ve seen many of these sent to people who quite frankly cannot budget or control their spending.

  4. Julian Assange had better be alive and we need proof of life within the next 48 hours or America will implode into Anarchy. The Clinton Cartel has consistently said WikiLeaks has been compromised by the Russians and Putin is involved. He denies that and most intelligent Americans don’t believe that assertion made by America’s own (Clinton influenced) mainstream media. Clinton is defined by criminal acts and corruption. Too many have died in the past 12 months that (had they lived) would have exposed factual info and testimony to Clinton’s crimes but all of these deaths were ruled accidental or suicides or random acts of violence with no ties to Clinton. Julian Assange and the staff working with him to get the truth out for the world to see are in real danger. PROOF OF LIFE, we must have it or what began as a progressive revolution for the 99% will turn to anarchy over this. Trump is part of the 1% along with Clinton and may be nothing but a puppet for the elitists himself. Anarchy is coming, just a matter of when for the USA.

  5. This whole article is nothing but speculation and it even literally has a disclaimer ‘We have no information to substantiate these rumors.’ Y’all need to go volunteer your time or something. This is silly.

  6. We Americans who love this Country, need too be on the look out, for U N intervention and Chinese movements in this Country, organized by the Demo-Rats regime. too force confiscation of citizens arms,
    or face death within 3- 4 months; as posted on facebook this day October 17, 2016.

    • yes we do.. But there is too many high ranking people that are trying to shut him up. They dont want there dirt coming out. They will do anything to keep it quiet. I am really worried about that mans safty

  7. Mr. Assange, thank you for exposing TRUTHS within the “Rotten to the Core” Democratic Party. Keep ’em coming! I truly hope it is not too late to wake up our populace.

  8. Much thanks, best wishes and high regards to Mr. Assange… along with positive prayerful thought. May you fare well, friend.

  9. We Americans have to help Wikileaks and all his people because if not true,asshole democrat motherfuckers won’t do what they are doing and asshole democrat John Kerry wants to threaten people it can backfire which I hope all of it backfires and bites all those asshole democrat motherfuckers in their ass


    I’m not a fan of his by far, but he’s already dismantling the Republican Party status quo. Both parties will fight him constantly – using separation of powers. The Dems are already imploding. Trump as PRES will help move that along.

    Hillary is a neoliberal who will further the push to complete the goal of globalization-institutionalizing the current feudal social system where 99% of the world’s money continues to flow to the .01%, leaving us, the 99% to continue to shoulder the costs of our countries’ governments and infrastructure.

    This started with Reagan and Thatchers “market driven” policies. Bill Clinton furthered it with policies such as nullifying Glass Steagell, privatizing student loans and prisons, etc.

    Obama and congress furthered this last December in the omnibus bill. A move that has the potential to destabilize our economy and literally legalized bank robbery.

    Obama wants the TPP in order to now make the final leap to globalization- surrendering our nation’s sovereignty and allow our US treasury to be plundered at will by foreign countries – such as communist Vietnam. Hillary would continue this. It’s exactly why so much of the .01% money – both Dem and Repub, continue to flow into her coffers.

    Obama and congress made a massive change in the omnibus bill passed and signed last December:
    1. it legalized bank “bail ins” – that means whatever money any American has in a bank no longer belongs to us-it belongs to the banks. We own an IOU that’s worthless. That’s because if any bank makes say, an unsecured “good ole boy” loan – as many do all the time – when that loan defaults, the bank can appropriate your money to bail itself out. And doesn’t have to pay you back. Not a dime.

    2. The O Bill also brought banks under coverage of the Federal DEPOSITORS Insurance Corporation. You remember-it was established to insure DEPOSITORS in the event our bank goes bust. Yea. Now, if you bank goes bust because of its own bad management, takes your money, and you go to the FDIC for reimbursement-SURPRISE! -your bank and any other banks they owe ARE IN LINE AHEAD OF YOU. And good luck with anything being left when you get to the head of the line; FDIC is one of the most poorly funded programs in the government.

    3. And just for a final kick in the pants of we the people, the O Bill ESTABLISHED OUR US TREASURY AS THE GUARANTOR OF WALL STREET. No more having to ASK for a bail out, now when they melt down the economy with risky speculation – which they are on course to do since there aren’t any more strictures than before thanks to an impotent congress and pres, they go straight to our US Treasury – funded by OUR TAX DOLLARS (remember how they get to avoid paying like we do?) and they can JUST TAKE WHATEVER THEY THINK THEY NEED.

    This is EXACTLY what happened in Greece, Italy and Puerto Rico. It’s a total lose-lose for the citizens of the country on many different levels. And Goldman Sachs has been the culprit in all three countries going bust by playing the derivatives game.

    They loan a country way more than it needs, immediately go out and BET THAT THE COUNTRY WON’T BE ABLE TO PAY BACK THE LOAN ON TIME – then when the country defaults, GS cashes in on its bet to the tune of billions!

    So-here you are- a US citizen. All your money has been legally stolen by your bank; you can’t get any money back, because the FDIC didn’t have enough; so you look around to see about taking advantage of social programs set up to help in just such cases. You apply for Social Security. Food stamps, mortgage assistance, Medicaid, etc. OOPS! Sorry – those programs have been cut way back due to AUSTERITY MEASURES THAT GOLDMAN SACHS FORCES ON THE COUNTRY. Because even though they’ve made BILLIONS betting against our country in their derivative set up – THEY INSIST THE GOVERNMENT DRASTICALLY CUT SOCIAL PROGRAMS TO HELO THE VERY PEOPLE THEY-GOLDMAN SACHS-STOLE FROM.

    What to do? One old man in Italy committed suicide, because he was left with nothing, after his life savings were stolen.


  11. Keep it coming! The down side is the number of people who support the Hill who’ve convinced themselves it’s all lies. Yep. Just like the 40 years of corruption they trail behind them… People equating things Trump said to her horrid record. Can’t fix stupid…

  12. You know, I would share this article, it has great information except the title. I see nothing about a complete dump inside. I won’t share an article with a clickbait title and have to hear from friends all day that the article didn’t have the information promised. So sick of this.

  13. It appears as if communists are staging an overthrow. There once was a scandal called the Teapot Dome which included criminal ties to all Federal offices including the Whitehouse and Capitol building. Think it was Republican scheme at that time,,but it was real,,did happen and could be happening again, over and over with one or both political,parties involved, from stateside….and then foreign countries have come in. There are Always under the public eye operations going on between countries which the public isn’t told about because it would compromise an important deal,,move or secret involvement of prominent people or spies. Perhaps some combo of this has been stumbled upon by Wikileaks and any problems…Will be resolved….. scary but sometimes even necessary….

  14. John Kerry should not involve himself, nor our nation, in the affairs of this man, Julius Assange. Kerry, a Democrat, is politicizing his job to stop truth being revealed by Assange, regarding Hillary Clinton’s criminal actions. This is not your job, Kerry. Assange is not a United States Citizen. Cease & desist now.

    • He belongs to the same secret Frat that W Bush does, Skull and Bones. Don’t think they don’t share the same agendas.

    • I can’t believe you think this level of corruption could happen in one presidents term.This has been going on since Reagan traded dope for weapons…

      • Never happened. Read the Reagan Diaries. He had nothing to do with illegal trades. Ollie North and John Poindexter were behind it all, such as it was.

      • Patricia,

        I think you are watching too much MSNBC and not fact checking. This level of corruption is unprecedented in American history. One must go back to the fall pf the Roman empire to see anything comparable. Caligua?

    • Yes, but the desperate actions of Kerry are simple proof of the authenticity of the leaks. Every time they blame Russia, they imply that the emails and leaks are real.

  15. Assange is a hero exposing the democratic corruption. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Thank you My Assange for the insight for there are many concerned round the world bout what is happening with the globalists Clinton n Obama networks… Something big is going down.

    • I feel the same way but this goberment is going to hide anything that Hillary done. They want her in the white house to keep them scams going against the american people.

    • As a republican on paper, but and independent by heart, I am ashamed to say that the Republican PARTY is indeed a part of these crimes and have been for a long time!! BUT WE the PEOPLE have just sat on our morals for so long that WE are to blame as MUCH as they are, BOTH PARTIES! It’s time to take our COUNTRY AWAY from them all and clean out the house with a pressure washer!! And Hope that the residual of all these years can be cleared over a short time instead of long term!

    • Yes both parties are complicit but the truth must be revealed and she makes it very dangerous for those who reveal her corruption.

      • The blowback from the murder of Assange will be much better dealt with by the evil than the blowback once their corrupt roles are published across the world.
        We’re not talking about Americans, but national leaders that were lied to and tricked.

    • I know how frustrating this entire scenario is but I just spent the evening being called harrasing names for asking our local station if they planned on covering the leak video re: Clinton and PAC inciting violence, so please let’s respect each other, otherwise we’re going to fall like dominos ok? Thanks

    • “And now, O men who have condemned me, I would fain prophesy to you; for I am about to die, and that is the hour in which men are gifted with prophetic power. And I prophesy to you who are my murderers, that immediately after my death punishment far heavier than you have inflicted on me will surely await you. Me you have killed because you wanted to escape the accuser, and not to give an account of your lives. But that will not be as you suppose: far otherwise. For I say that there will be more accusers of you than there are now; accusers whom hitherto I have restrained: and as they are younger they will be more severe with you, and you will be more offended at them. For if you think that by killing men you can avoid the accuser censuring your lives, you are mistaken; that is not a way of escape which is either possible or honorable; the easiest and noblest way is not to be crushing others, but to be improving yourselves. This is the prophecy which I utter before my departure, to the judges who have condemned me.” Plato, on the Trial and Condemnation of Socrates (spoken as Socrates).

      • Amen Socrates was so wise a philosopher. Never thought I’d seen anything like whatvis unravelling before our eyes. Our lives are being rewritten every minute that goes by.

        • Jennifer, I love your comment because it is apolitical. Please do not let anyone rewrite your life. Lean foreword, and, like a fighter in the ring, protect yourself at all times. The sun will rise and shine a light on all things great and small.

    • True that. Obama and Clinton are in the same leaky boat together. If one goes down, they both do. They have both been so complicit in so many crimes that the threats of prosecution from Trump are causing them to go into survival mode AT ALL COSTS. Even nuclear war with Russia. Obama sits with his finger on the button of WW3 just to stop this election and buy time to figure out another plan of action. Hitler used the same tactics in 1938 to stop an election. He invaded Austria and bought enough time to rig the election. While everyone is distracted about who grabbed whose ass the Russians, 40 million of them, are having evacuation drills for nuclear war. Putin has requested that all Russians in other countries come home NOW.

      • Remember when he whispered in the ear of the Russian prior to 2012 “I can’t do anything now…wait until after the election.” Obama is the most corrupt politiican this world has ever seen. Evil to the core. Please, God, bring civility to this country and let it be that the clintons and obama get exposed for the horror show they truly are.

    • I am worried about Assange after I heard that Kerry was in the UK…. If Assange disappears and/or he dies… the smoking gun is right in the 55,000 emails … She is doomed… and so is Kerry and everyone else who has any part in this.

      I PRAY FOR Assange and all the others who TELL THE TRUTH !!! May God Bless and Keep watch over them.


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