You can have Chris Rock in your Living room for just $12 a month following this deal.

Chris Rock is a popular comedian. He is well known for his vulgar tone and descriptive language involving certain parts of the human anatomy. His fans have paid HBO premium rates for twenty years to watch him on Cable.

Today this long time favorite among high society learned, that Mr. Rock has signed a deal in excess of $40 Million to appear on two Netflix specials. reports the details:

In his  return to stand-up after an eight-year absence, Rock will tape two new specials that will debut on Netflix around the world. The first show will tape in 2017, following a new world tour being planned now.

Good for Society?

While Chris Rock a favorite among those who can still afford HBO it remains to be seen how well he will fair on Netflix. Netflix recently came under fire for several of it age inappropriate and sexually explicit films including “Orange is the new Black”. It seems most people “want Wal-Mart prices, but they don’t want Wal-Mart quality products.” Says “NCNA President, Carol Whitmyer”

Not to bad for the Stocks.

Netflix has seen no real impact of complaints about the sexual nature of their available shows and movies. In fact, Netflix was up 1% today while the markets were down near 1%. Since February Netlfix has seen a steady trend upward from around $80, reaching over the $100 today on the Chris Rock news.



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